Types of Hearing Aids

BTE: Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear
The electrical components of the instrument (microphone, amplifier, receiver) are housed in a compact case that tucks behind the ear. Sound is delivered to the ear canal through a clear tube over the top of the ear and into a custom-made acrylic/silicone earmold.
  • Available in a variety of colors to blend with skin or hair
  • Provides the best performance for severe hearing losses
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable; also highly recommended for children
  • Typically uses a larger battery (size 675 or 13) for longer battery life and easier manipulation
  • Larger controls that are easier for some people to adjust

ITE: In the Ear

In the Ear
Electrical components of this instrument (microphone, amplifier, receiver) fit into a shell custom made to fit inside the ear. An ITE device may be more visible in the ear, though there are several types of ITE hearing aids, such as a Compeltely in the Canal (CIC), and In the Canal (ITC).
  • More space for venting to reduce the occasional sensation of occlusion so your own voice will sound better
  • Somewhat larger and can be easier to handle.
  • Powered by larger batteries that last longer
  • Able to accommodate accessories and special programming

ITC: In the Canal

In the Canal
The canal style provides a very cosmetic solution that can be hidden in most ears.
  • Uses a slightly larger battery than the CIC for battery economy
  • Optional telecoil switch

CIC: Completely in the Canal

Completely in the Canal
The completely-in-canal hearing aid is a small hearing aid that fits entirely within your ear canal. These digital hearing aids are popular because it is the one of the smallest styles available.
  • Excellent cosmetics-- almost invisible in the ear
  • Comfortable and convenient telephone usage
  • Takes advantage of the ear's own natural sound-collecting design
  • Less wind noise

RIC: Receiver in Canal

Receiver in Canal
RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aids have thin tubing that makes it very cosmetically appealing. The receiver is housed within a small tip that goes in to your ear and the computer sits behind the ear.
  • Great comfort
  • Excellent cosmetics
  • Some models are water resistant

Hearing Device Services:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluation & Fitting
  • Repairs of all major makes & models Assistive Listening Devices
  • Custom Earmolds:
    • Swimmolds
    • Cellphone and iPod earmolds
    • Custom earmolds for behind-the-ear hearing aids
    • Noise plugs
    • Musician earplugs
    • Custom musician ear monitors
    • Pilot earmolds

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